Reviewing the Portable Movie Projector Cinemood

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As the temperature starts to rise, and spring and summer nights become a haven for spending time with friends outside, have you ever wanted to have a movie night out there with them? I don’t know about you, but I love inviting friends over for a camp fire and some adult beverages. But even more so, I love just having a nice conversation while watching a fun movie or show!

I’m also the type of person to hang out with friends and pretty much use those movies or shows as background noise to a conversation, but it’s also nice to watch something new together!

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Now it’s not exactly common for people to have TVs outside, so you would need some sort of projector – enter Cinemood! I have had my Cinemood for about six months now and let me tell you, I love it.

Cinemood is a portable movie projector and connects to your phone for easy mobility through the app. Since I have really only had it during the colder seasons, I haven’t used it as an outdoor movie experience yet. But I love using it to project my shows on my bedroom ceiling. I have also projected it onto a white board in a separate room in my house that didn’t have a TV so my friends and I could chat, enjoy some food, and watch a movie together.

This little projector is small but mighty! It can connect to all your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more! One of the big things they advertise that it can do is entertain your kids with fun, educational games or bed time stories. I also see lots of parents using it as a way to keep their kids entertained on flights or at restaurants. Since I don’t have kids, I just use it to stream shows and movies in more creative ways.

More about the device itself:

  • Its compact for easy transport
  • It has an internal and silent fan that cools the system down
  • There’s about five hours of battery life
  • You can download movies or shows from a service like Netflix, take it to a place that may not have service, and it can stream those shows that you saved!
  • Based on what you are projecting on, you can even adjust the focal setting to get the most crisp picture
  • And my personal favorite, you can even connect it to a Bluetooth speaker so that you can get an even louder volume. I personally think the volume isn’t that loud so being able to get a louder volume with a Bluetooth speaker is a definite plus.

If you plan to take it outside, you definitely will need to set something up to project it on like a white board or a white sheet otherwise it just won’t work to see the show easily. You can also use it to project onto your garage door and do a little mock drive-in type of theater! Also be sure to take care of it when you do take it outside – it’s not indestructible! So be sure to make sure you don’t take it out when it rains and that you don’t put it directly on the ground. That could possibly lead to something tripping on it or kicking it. Easy to say, I personally love my Cinemood 360 and I love the options it provides for getting creative with how we watch content on the go.

This isn’t to say that I am so hooked on television that I can’t live without it for a weekend out and about. However, I love being able to have the option to have my favorite shows so that when my boyfriend and I get to a point in our busy day where we just want to cuddle, we have the option to do that even without a TV.

There are different versions of this device and the 360 version is the second tier. Based on your needs you may want to go to the lower tier or the higher tier!

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Whichever product you got, I have got you covered! You can use my code DONNAGAIL to receive $100 off of your Cinemood. This coupon code can be used on any Cinemood product. I am so excited to get even more creative with where my boyfriend and I can connect and laugh over our favorite shows. Next stop, I’m thinking a movie night out in the desert.. 😉

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