I am standing in front of a green paneled and red brick wall. I am wearing my Mardi Gras outfit that featured my deep green Tiana windbreaker, a purple stiped Princess and the Frog shirt, and white pants. I also have colorful Mardi Gras beads as a necklace and bracelet.

Why Am I Losing Followers Even Though My Content Is Getting Better?

Day in and day out, I lose probably around 5-10 followers a day. I am just not growing, nor have I in the last couple of years. It seems like the only people that are growing are people either going viral or doing the large loop giveaways. And I absolutely refuse to do those large loop giveaways. I used to do them, and I am still recovering from the fake results that I got. If you are also losing followers consistently but are actually putting out better content that is receiving more engagement – listen up.

Why do I lose followers on posts that get more engagement?

Chadwick Boseman mural in Downtown Disney Anaheim
This post got me 2,295 likes! But I also lost 50 followers in the process.

The reason you are losing followers is because you are getting closer to your true client market and getting rid of the people that are only holding your page back. I actually lose the most amount of followers on a day where my post does the best! No joke. The day I broke a record on my page for most likes in that year at around 2,300, I lost about 50 followers.

“Well that doesn’t make sense – you put out good content that people really like, shouldn’t you be gaining followers?”

That’s what I would think and would like to happen! But unfortunately it’s not. The reason I am losing more followers is because my posts are FINALLY getting pushed to more of my 18,000 followers. Those people that are unfollowing me probably haven’t organically come across one of my posts in a really long time so either they 1) don’t recognize me or 2) are just no longer fans of my content! Either way you slice it, they aren’t about my page anymore.

Even on normal days I still lose followers – what gives?

Another big reason you could also be losing followers is that now more than ever, Instagram is getting very good at shutting down bot and spam accounts. So the followers that you lost could literally be Instagram helping you to do some housekeeping! Trust me, you don’t want more followers if those followers are ghost or spam accounts. They won’t interact with your content and that will hurt your page so much more than having a lower following count.

I am dressed in a red two piece set from SHEIN. The top is cropped and the pants are high waisted over my belly button. They are also flared and flowy. This outfit was to Disney Bound as slave Jasmine from Aladdin.
My Slave Jasmine Disney Bound started off with slow engagement but the more my followers got involved, the more overall engagement I got!

Because what happens when you post, Instagram only shows your post to a small percentage of your total following. If that group of people starts engaging with your post, then your post will go to the next tier group of your followers – and so on and so forth. So the better the post does, the more it goes to your followers. But if you have all these fake accounts or giveaway, spam, or bot accounts on your page and heaven forbid your post gets pushed to their feed, guess what? Your post won’t do as well because they won’t engage with your content and then your post won’t get pushed to the next tier level of followers. So circling back on that post that did really well for me but I lost 50 followers, my post probably got pushed farther then it has in a really long time to some of my followers who hadn’t seen me in a while, thus resulting in a massive flux to my page of people to unfollow me. But hey, no skin off my nose because they did me a favor my leaving!

What I am getting at here is that you do want to lose followers if it will help you get closer to your target audience. For me, I did a rebranding about a year and a half ago and changed my Instagram handle as well as the content I provided. I can’t expect that all of my followers got the news alerts when I was talking about it before I made the change. So it can then be expected that by the time my content actually turns up on their page, they might want to unfollow because the content I provide now is not what the originally signed up for anymore and that’s ok!

Close up of me in front of a colorful and floral "Happy Valentine's Day" mural in Escondido, San Diego County.
My followers have loved seeing how I am finding new spots around me to create engaging content.

I used to do those huge loop giveaways and granted I gained a lot of followers but it severely hurt my engagement because what I found was that my content was then being pushed to those dead-weight followers who were literally only following me out of obligation to get something for free. Those are not the type of people you want on your page – you want fans, not fakes! So I made the very tough decision to actually delete about 10,000 followers from my page as a way to help get my content back onto the feeds of people who actually wanted to follow me. Since then, it has been a steady decrease of about 0.3% in followers per week. That’s about 5 a day, which is much better than the 60 followers I was losing a day when I first made my brand switch!

But since that hard decision, my content has THRIVED! My content is being pushed back on to the page’s of people who actually want to see my content, and let me tell you, they are loving it. So don’t be afraid to drop the dead-weight in followers, and don’t be scared that you are losing followers even when you are putting good content out. It is all for the better that you get closer to your target audience and that you cater to their needs and not to the needs of people who don’t like your content and wouldn’t have engaged with your page anyway. They did you a favor by unfollowing – trust me!

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