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Magical Monday Feature – Tiffany (@TomorrowlandTiff)

Welcome back to another Magical Monday feature! These posts are to showcase some people and small shops who are bringing the best doses of pixie dust to your feed. Today, the feature goes to Tiffany (you might know her as Tomorrowland Tiff!). She is an influencer whose main focus is Disney and brings a lot of positivity and life to her posts. I had the pleasure of interviewing her to learn more about her, her page, and her life outside of Instagram!

Tiffany started her Instagram back in 2017. She remembers the time vividly because around the same time she was about to get married and she was also following a bunch of Disney accounts. When seeing these accounts, she couldn’t help but be envious of the lives they were living and she wanted to be just like them! However, a few things got in her way: “I didn’t think I had enough friends, I didn’t think I was outgoing enough, I didn’t take pretty enough photos, and frankly I just didn’t think I could do it.

But then one day, she asked herself “Why CAN’T I do this?” And from there magic unraveled!

She converted her personal account into primarily a Disney account and started sharing park tips, tricks, and her personal style. Soon after, she started gaining some traction in this hobby she created so she invested in a beginner camera and began meeting friends in the Disney community. However, it became apparent to her that this wasn’t just a hobby anymore!

Tiffany’s collab with Smashmallow

Over the past three years, her page has changed quite a bit. From sharing park tips, occasion Disney fashion, and working with small shops, her page started evolving into her sharing more about her personal life and style. Although she loves every aspect about her page thus far and she still loves posting about Disney tips and style, she now has started feeling more comfortable sharing other aspects of her life!

She’s even had her fair share of trial and error to bring new types of magic to her followers: “I had a couple different failed blogs in the beginning. I had a random blog by myself. [Then] I remember starting a blog with a friend that didn’t work out and I was devastated at the time. [Also] I remember starting my first podcast ‘Tomorrowland Talks’ which had an accompanying blog. I started by interviewing my friends which was fun at first, but I quickly ran out of inspiration. Then almost a year ago I began working with my friend Carolyn on our podcast, The Disney Download, which has been so much fun. I’ve been able to share our work through my page while still sharing my personal style and the things I enjoy. Working on the podcast has been an amazing experience because although it took a few fails to get me here, I have found what’s working for me. It’s also motivated me to have new experiences that I will always remember. Even though some of the things I tried didn’t work out, I learned so many valuable lessons from it. I’ve also learned what I do and don’t like doing.

As she has navigated through the ups and downs of her page, she still draws a ton of inspiration from one of the founding aspects of her page – Disney! “I love creating magical looks because it makes me happy and I hope that from time to time it inspires others.” She also makes sure that when she creates content, that she puts a lot of planning into her posts. Whenever she takes pictures in the park, she brings multiple outfits and tries to keep finding new spots to take pictures or new poses to try. From there she can plan content out as far as 5-6 weeks in advance, with 4-5 different posts a week prepared! It may seem like a lot of work, but to her it’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle to figure out how to plan to post her content.

Tffay’s collab with Danielle Nicole Handbags

Clearly, Tiffany puts a lot of work into her page and she has seen so many rewarding things come out of running her page like working with top brand names like Smashmallow, Toms, Aldo Shoes, Petunia Picklebottom, Papyrus, Danielle Nicole Handbags, and Couture Kingdom. But none of those compare to the real highlight of her page – creating genuine friendships! “I am so grateful for the people I have been able to connect with because of my account. Going to events has been such a highlight for me because I get to meet familiar faces that I see on Instagram. Dapper Day is one of the ones that come to mind because it’s an opportunity to meet up with new/old friends and see everyone’s creativity shine!

With all this work though, Tiffany does admit that sometimes finding a balance can be a challenge for her. “When I created my account I jumped right in with both feet. Sometimes I need to give myself space to relax and not force myself to go to the parks or take photos. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on an opportunity if I don’t show up, but in reality, I need to give myself the chance to rest. I just love what I am doing so much, but I need to remember to take a break, too.

Especially when running her page isn’t her only priority! Tiffany also works as a Marketing Director, is a wife of three years, and is a loving dog mom. She takes the time to foster all of these relationships, and you can regularly see this part of her life in her Insta-stories. Trust me when I say that her dog, Tofu, makes frequent appearances and she is adorable! Since her and her husband live in San Diego, they are also able to do a lot of fun things together outside of the parks like going to different dog parks, scoping out wineries, and hanging out with friends.

Tiffany’s collab with Aldo Shoes

Obviously a lot of those regular activities have been put on hold since quarantine has started. But from what I have seen, Tiffany has always remained a ray of sunshine on her feed and she gives her own input on how she goes about her daily life: “I know it can be hard to stay positive! As someone who has struggled with anxiety forever, I have a tough time staying positive. One thing I have learned lately is that there are so many things we can’t control. It’s important to let go of those things and focus on what you can do. From there, just know you have done your very best and that is amazing!

It’s no surprise that Tiffany has become so successful at running her page and has been able to work with such recognizable brands in the Disney community. So of course, I just had to ask her what advice she would give to someone else who wanted to follow in her footsteps and start their journey towards being an influencer. “Just take the plunge! You will always come up with reasons why you ‘can’t’. But the reality is that you CAN. You don’t have to have it all figured out. I didn’t have ANYTHING figured out when I started, and sometimes I still don’t feel like I do. I just started doing it and I learned a lot as I went. Follow other accounts that inspire you and learn from them!

Tiffany is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Her posts are always at the top of my feed every morning and I love seeing the new outfits she puts together or reading the posts she has written. If you want to follow along too, you can find her on Instagram at @TomorrowlandTiff. And if you want to listen to her podcast, The Disney Download, you can find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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