Planning Disneyland and WDW Trips Amidst the Recent Openings

The news is out and so are our mouse ears – both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have planned dates for reopening! WDW is set to reopen July 11th and Disneyland on July 17th (on it’s 65th anniversary!). It should go without saying that both will have reduced capacity entries and both will have a reservation system in place, meaning that you will have to reserve your ticket date in advance to attending the park. Annual passholders will also have to do the same to plan which day they are using their pass. No news has come out yet as to how this reservation system will look, but I’m sure we can assume that it will look very similar to how Shanghai Disneyland has been running their system.

With this news buzzing in everyone’s ear, the big question is “how do we plan our trips?” Well first off, if you already had a vacation planned and you had not already re-booked it, then you all get first dibs! News went out effective immediately following the Disneyland reopening date that Disney was temporarily stopping the sale of new ticket purchases. Kind of a bummer if you didn’t already have something planned, right?

Well luckily Get Away Today was able to score a LIMITED number of tickets to purchase to start planning your vacation. If you aren’t already familiar with Get Away Today, it’s pretty much the Disney version of Expedia. They offer a number of vacation plans to various locations, resorts, and amusement parks nation wide as well as global, but their forte is helping you plan the best Disney vacation.

You may notice that once you click this link to be directed towards their Disney tickets that you will see a number of other notable amusement parks and attractions that you can book tickets to! Some are even packaged together! This page is literally the one-stop-shop for your SoCal vacation. But hey if you’re just looking at Disneyland, I don’t blame you.

The only real kicker here is that you can’t just buy a 1-Day ticket – the lowest tier price is for at least a 2-Day ticket price. You still save quite a bit by using Get Away Today though! Especially if you are booking for you and your family.

Better yet, if you combine these tickets with at least a 2-night hotel stay, then you can use my promo code, DGB10 to save an extra $10 off your package. Click HERE to start planning your vacation!

Now let’s start planning your next magical trip!

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