How to Get Your Dose of Disney in the Midst of Park Closures

Alright Disnerds – the news of all these parks being closed is pretty sad, but I respect the decision being made to close the parks! Although COVID-19 is not something to panic about, I know they made the decision to close the parks because they know people like us who love Disney more than lots of things in life will still continue to go there, even if we aren’t feeling 100%.

So yes it sucks, but it was a good call!

But how do we cope with all the Disney withdrawals that we are sure to get in these next couple of weeks?

1. shopDisney

Well first off, you can go to the tried and true retail therapy that is online shopping at! Find something you love and I am sure that will lift your spirits seeing that magic mail arrive on your doorstep!

2. Disney themed sleepover

This one is a little more middle school but come on, grown up sleepovers are kind of the best! Not only can you stay up to whatever time you want, be as loud as you want, eat whatever you choose, but you can also get those good times flowing in the form of your favorite adult beverage. You can break out the DVDs or if that’s too old school for you then you can binge watch literally everything on Disney+! Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana? You will be entertained forever! Just make sure your invite list doesn’t ask people to come over who aren’t feeling well and make sure you have hand sanitizer for your guests upon entry.

If you would rather make it a party of one or just have a movie night with your significant other, I would say that still counts as getting a good Disney fix!

3. Adding Disney flare to your wardrobe

If you have the ability to add some Disney accessories to your wardrobe for work, then do it! A watch, a necklace, a belt – things like that are simple and subtle. I wear a uniform for my job so I will be banking on these small pieces to add to my uniform that people won’t be able to see. Like my socks!

One of my favorite Instagrammers, @britishbelle, actually does a Disney Bound every Friday at work! She has her coworkers try to guess who she bounds as and more often than not, I have been able to guess through her posts who she is. So if you have the ability to do something like this, it could be really fun for you too!

4. Follow Disney fan pages on Instagram

Trust me when I say that you are not alone in feeling the withdrawals, but this does not mean content creators, small shops, and photographers don’t have a lot of pictures to rely on! There will never be a shortage of pictures and videos of your happy place. You can even watch the new Disneyland parade, “Magic Happens”, in its entirety on YouTube!

Here are some of my favorite Disney Instagramers: @dizmagic (photographer and CM), @ashhtaylor (influencer), @holaitsraquel (influencer and CM), @brit_at_wdw (photographer), @kingdomnommies (influencer and merch guru), and @wordofmouseco (mouse ear small shop)

5. Karaoke car jam sesh

Alright, this one is pretty straight forward. Get in your car, turn the volume up, and HANDLE IT! You have tons of Disney soundtracks at your fingertips with Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google. Your passengers can either sing along or get out.

Obviously these are not all the things you could do with your downtime to make Disney come to you instead of you going to Disney, but at least it’s a start! So wear those Mickey sweatshirts proudly, talk to strangers about how cool Rise of the Resistance is, and don’t let those mouse ears get too dusty. It’s a temporary closure after all!

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