One of the most iconic pictures to take on the new Rise of Resistance Star Wars themed experience at Disneyland and Walt Disney World - a room full of First Order Stormtroopers!

TIPS: Rise of the Resistance

I’m just going to get this out in the open now – Rise of the Resistance deserves ALL of the hype it’s getting! I rode it for the first time yesterday and I just wish they took pictures at the end of it because I know that I was wide-eyed, open mouthed, and shocked to my core from everything.

A screenshot from the Disneyland app of the main page for you to get a Rise of the Resistance boarding group.

To get on this ride, you will need to get into a boarding group. To obtain a boarding group is essentially a lottery system of getting on a reservation list. The boarding groups go fast and you will need to prepare yourself for the fact that you may not get one. To get your boarding group, you will need to download the Disneyland/Walt Disney World app so that you can make your reservation via the app. There will be a way to get a paper version of a reservation, but that will only be available if the spots have not already been filled electronically. To find a paper location, ask a cast member! But at Disneyland, you can find it near the the fast passes for Astro Blasters.

You will also need to ensure that you are IN the park before 8am. The reservations will go live at that time and if you do not have your whole party’s tickets scanned, then you will not be able to get a pass. Now that we have those basics out of the way, let’s get started with the tips.

  1. Download the app.
  2. Link your pass and everyone else’s pass onto your app.
  3. If you have multiple people’s passes connected who are NOT there, delete them. This will save you time in the reservation process.
  4. Use multiple phones. If you have a group with you, this will ensure that you can recover from someone’s phone dying, lagging, or crashing.
  5. Close all apps on your phone INCLUDING the Disney app.
  6. Shut off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I cannot emphasize this enough – DO NOT TRY TO USE DISNEY WI-FI! Mobile data ONLY!
  7. Stand in an area that has good reception (I would try City Hall)
  8. Open the app at EXACTLY 8am. Do not try to open it early to account for load-up time, this will only result in the app not loading and showing an error code when you try to join a boarding group.
  9. Once the app is open, click “Find Out More”, this will lead to a secondary page that will say “Join a Boarding Group” – click that!
  10. Make it ALL THE WAY THROUGH the prompts. It will first ask you which passes you want to make a boarding group for, and if you ONLY have the people who are in your group on your app, then you will not be unchecking any boxes from the list of passes that pop up. From there it was ask you to confirm the reservation. The main point I’m making here is not to just click “Join a Boarding Group” and think that you got it! You WILL need to get to the end screen that shows your boarding group number.
  11. Lastly, STAY CALM! This is obviously a very anxious time and getting worked up will only cause you to panic.

Other things to note:
  • You will need to have an early morning. We were at the parking structure by 6:15am (they open at 6:30), in line out front of the park by 7, and on Main Street by 7:25am. When they opened the park around 7:20, there was a HUGE line behind us to get in so make sure you are getting there as soon as you can.
  • Do not open the app even a second before 8am. You have to open it at exactly 8am otherwise the app will not time stamp your phone at 8am so it will not register that you can grab a boarding group.
  • Boarding groups start getting called at 9am.
  • Not all boarding groups are guaranteed entry, and each day will have a different guaranteed group. It will say on the bottom of the “Find Out More” page which boarding group they are guaranteeing for that day.
  • You will not get a push notification when your boarding group gets cleared for entry. You have to be the one that checks your status.
  • You have two hours to get to the ride from the time your group is called. After that, you will not be allowed on.
  • From the time you get into the line, to the time that you get off of the ride (with no delays/ride closures) takes about 50 minutes. I am sure this will change as well since the day we went was a rather tame day in terms of park attendance and we did not see the full extent of the queue.
  • The ride will stop calling boarding groups 3 hours before the park closes to ensure that everyone who is already in line can get on the ride.
  • Even if you use multiple phones, you will still only get one boarding group! Why? Because you only have one pass per person and the app will update with who got the reservation first and will not allow you to obtain any others after that.

I want you to follow these tips to a T! I had some trouble trying to get a group because I tried to be smarter than these tips. Our biggest mistake was trying to account for load-up time. It was me, my mom, and my boyfriend all trying to make the reservation. We all had each other’s passes connected to our apps. We had my mom assigned to open the app 10 seconds before 8am, I was assigned to open the app 5 seconds before 8am, and my boyfriend was going to open the app at exactly 8. My mom and I both could not click “Join a Boarding Group” because it was greyed out. Why? Because even though the load-up time of the app put as at around 8am, the app is smarter than that. The moment we clicked the app is when our phone’s got time stamped. That time stamp determines the app’s time itself thereby making it absolutely impossible for us to get a boarding group because the app had not registered an 8am time stamp.

Only a couple of seconds had gone by but everyone around us was cheering and yelling out which group they got and that made us all so discouraged. Especially me since I was the one that brought them to the park that day – I felt like I had failed them in my expertise of Disney and that I ruined our chances of getting on the ride. But my boyfriend came in clutch! Unfortunately/Fortunately he had accidentally opened his NFL app at 8am exactly (because it was right next to the Disney app) but because he got into the app a little bit afterwards, his time stamp was the one that got us on the ride that day. By 8:01 we had a boarding group of 54!

That day they were guaranteeing a boarding group of 42 which yes seems low. We figured this was because the day we went, Disneyland was hosting 80’s Nite and the park would be closing to non-party guests at 8pm. Fortunately our boarding group was cleared for entry at 1:16pm! We kept checking the app after we had ridden it just to see how far the groups would go that day! Lucky for us and a lot of other guests that day, the ride did not shut down once and they ended the day accepting groups up to group 112!! It just goes to show that even if you don’t get a super early group, it is still VERY possible for you to get on the ride!!

I hope this helps you get on the ride as stress-free as possible! And.. may the force be with you!

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