Oga’s Cantina – How to Make a Reservation? And Is It Worth It?

With Galaxy’s Edge still blowing everyone’s Jedi robes right off their back, there is still one thing lots of people haven’t done. And no it’s not building a droid or a lightsaber. It’s something far more affordable than those experiences.

It’s going to Oga’s Cantina.

After Galaxy’s Edge opened to the public, many people were extremely confused about how they were able to gain entry into this bar. I think the confusion lies in the fact that before Galaxy’s Edge opened to the public, you could only gain entry into this land by making a reservation. Now with this immersive Star Wars area fully open to the public, I think some people thought that reservations were no longer needed. Well, they were half right – you don’t need a reservation to get into Galaxy’s Edge anymore, but you still need a reservation to get into Oga’s Cantina.

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If you plan on visiting Galaxy’s Edge, I highly recommend making a reservation because this is one of the most affordable experiences in Batuu. I used to be under the impression that you could only make reservations two weeks out from when you plan on being there. But in fact, you can make your reservation up to 60 days before your travel date!

To do so, you will need a few things, and this will be the easiest way to make the reservation and be reminded of it in one setting. First you will need a Disney account and the Disneyland App.

Once you have logged in, press the (+) button and go to the option for Reserve Dining. From there you will have to select how many people are in your party, select the day, select if you want  Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner options or select a more specific time, and look at the times available for ALL Dining experiences.

More easily though, you can also scroll over to Galaxy’s Edge on the park map, change the setting from Attractions to Dining, and from there simply click Oga’s Cantina on the map and begin planning your reservation time.

Again, you will select your party size, select the day you want to make the reservation for, and select a time slot. As mentioned before, I have found it easier by choosing a more general option first because then it will give you a number of time options under that time period.

Make sure at least one person in your party is over the age of 14, and anyone drinking alcohol will need to be 21+ (they card everyone!). But not to worry because there are non-alcoholic options as well as a few snacks to eat too. From there it will ask you to have a credit card on file. It does not cost any money to make the reservation, but you will be charged $10 a person for those who do not show up for the reservation.

It is VERY important that everyone you are reserving for shows up on time – especially the person who is holding the reservation. To check in for your time, you can show up 15 minutes prior to your reservation time by waiting in the line outside. It’s a big line – you can’t miss it. From there, one of the cast members will check you and your party in. Make sure you have your photo ID ready! They may also ask for the credit card you used to make the reservation as another verification. However, once you are checked in this does not mean you get to go in yet. You will have to wait in this line until you get to the front to go in. So even if your reservation time is 6:15 and show up at 6:00 to get checked in, you still may not get in until 6:20. But while you are standing in line, they give you a menu to look at which is very helpful!

On busy days, you will probably wait in this line for about 15-20 minutes. But when I went on a weekday, I was in the Cantina in about 5 minutes. Not to mention, the group in front of me was able to get in without a reservation! So this is not to say that you 100% cannot get in without a reservation – on slow days they do take walk-ups.


Oga’s Cantina has a strict 45 minute experience time limit and a two drink maximum. That 45 minutes starts when a cast member leads you to your sitting/standing area. When I went with my boyfriend, we were in the standing room right on the bar top.  We barely had enough room for the two of us to stand next to each other and our backpacks were on top of our feet. However the day I came on a weekday, there was a lot more space to move – still busy but less crowded overall. Be prepared to know what you want to order before you get in there because you don’t want to waste your time trying to decide what you want!

Overall, I hope this little guide helps you plan your own reservation! I promise you will have a great time in there!

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