Instagrams Algorithm DOES Effect Self Image

Here’s the thing, the Instagram algorithm straight up sucks. We post a cute picture of us and what are we met with? Silence. We don’t get a lot of likes or comments anymore, and for some of us that really takes a toll on how we view ourselves.

What we need to remember here is that the algorithm is designed to keep you on Instagram as much as possible. It’s designed to get you to work harder on taking better pictures. By always thinking about how to post or where to post or what to post, you are doing exactly what it wants you to do. You are falling into a classic marketing trap. The marketing directors at Instagram have you hook, line, and sinker. How? Because I bet since the changes, you probably spend more and more time on Instagram – making your page look pretty, taking more time to edit photos, maybe looking at what other people are doing. But all you are really doing is probably driving yourself insane if you aren’t getting the reactions that you thought you would get.

So what can we do? Well I have 5 Rules that I want to share with you! Now this is not some scheme to get more likes or comments – this is a way for all of us to stop getting caught up in this game of trying to post “better” things and get back to posting what makes US happy.

Let’s stop obsessing over numbers, let’s stop believing the worst in ourselves, let’s stop this hesitation on posting certain things because we are worried about what others may think or say.


This algorithm should not control our lives and it should NOT determine our self-worth. You are more than your Instagram and it’s time to live like it!


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