C’s Get Degrees

Let’s talk about school. What I am about to write is something I have always wanted to say if I ever got the chance to go give a speech at my old high school but I don’t think I am the type of person they want talking there. Why’s that? Because I wasn’t special to them.

Despite having graduated from high school and college with around a 3.6 GPA, you know what schools require to be “special”? A piece of paper called a “resume”. I remember being a senior at high school and was a part of a small Q&A session for some freshmen, and I happened to be at the tail end of the Q&A line. Of course, the freshmen asked some generic questions – who should I take, how is your social life, etc. But the one that stuck with me was “how do I get into the perfect college?”

The four girls in front of me {oh yea, sorry I went to an all girls high school!} started right away with: “take summer classes as much as you can”, “make sure you are involved in at least one sport a year”, “volunteer in the school productions”, “take AP classes as fast as possible!”. I listened to all of this and you know what I thought? What complete bullshit..

These girls are seventeen/eighteen years old and they are already planning their lives out until they are thirty. I stood there so fed up that when it was my turn, ….well here’s a paraphrased version of what I said:

“Honestly, do none of that. I applied to one college, the University of San Diego, and guess what? I got in. I didn’t care if it meant I would just go to a community college for two years while I did my GED if I didn’t get in on the first go. Because it’s just school. All of those things they just mentioned? Yea I didn’t do ANY of that and I got into one of the best schools in the nation. Enjoy your time here, enjoy your life! School is a blimp on your life and you should not be stressing yourself into a coma to the point of missing out on fun by doing all of those things!”

There is so much stress being put on teenagers and young adults to get those fancy four year degrees otherwise they won’t make anything of themselves and that just isn’t true. Success is not measured by your ability to obtain a piece of paper and it sure is not determined by your GPA. And honestly, there are SO many people out there right now who are not even USING those expensive degrees they spent so long getting!

All those things they told me to remember – I forgot them. All those “practical” equations I was told I would use every day – I look them up on Google now. And all that stress I avoided by taking the classes I thought were fun {ceramics, acting, yoga, adventure fitness} – it didn’t effect my life negatively because I am still doing what I love.

School is nice, but so is life and if you put too much stress on what you’re doing in the future, then you’re going to miss a lot of what’s going on right now. Take Adventure Fitness instead of AP Calculus {that’s what I did}, take trips in the summer instead of summer school, don’t stress about the small stuff, and always remember that C’s get degrees, because guess what? Your GPA isn’t printed on that certificate.

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