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Disneyland and California Adventure are not only home to the main mouse, but if you have spent even a little bit of time in any Disney park, you are bound to see someone posing against a backdrop at some point in time!

Granted Walt Disney World definitely has more photo opportunities than the Disneyland property does. I mean for goodness sake you are comparing Disneyland at 500 acres to Walt Disney World at the same size as San Francisco (source from – click here for the link to full article on the differences between Disneyland and Walt Disney World). That being said, often times I have to go to more secluded places around Disneyland or California Adventure to get more variety on my page. But if you have been a fan of Brand By You for a little bit, then you definitely know that I have a favorite spot on property. And that is most definitely Pixar Pier – formally known as Paradise Pier! To be more specific, I especially love taking pictures across the way from Mickey’s Fun Wheel (no, I will never call it the “Pixar Pal-A-Round”).

Whether I am in the pictures or not, beautiful photo opportunities can be had here. From a lunch time, afternoon shot at Lamplight Lounge, to a radiant, sunset shot that captures insane sky colors, and finally to beautiful night time shots while watching World of Color – the pier itself is the best hands down. Don’t @ me if you think differently! πŸ˜‰

The colors of the pier, the Pixar soundtracks playing in the background, and the fact that this area is just a wide open space where you can see everything and not feel so cramped, there is no other place on Disneyland property that is quite like it. As much as I resented the change from Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier, I have to say that I now love the re-theming because it is on par with all things Disney, whereas before it just focused on a theme of California fan favorites. And because it focuses on so many incredible movies (like The Incredibles – do you get it? ;D), it makes it so much easier for me to find a perfect backdrop for my own t-shirts.

It just so happens that the entire pier itself is color themed to match the Luxo ball which just so happen to match the Toy Story color scheme pretty freaking well. So naturally when I grabbed my “Reach for the Snacks” shirt, I knew that I could use my favorite photo op place for all the fun pictures! Earlier I wrote a blog on some of my tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way to learn to take my own photos. And along with the 5 tips that I already mentioned, it is also very important to pick a location that you thoroughly enjoy too! Being in your happy place will definitely bring out the most radiant in yourself. (Not to mention, yes, I did invoke my favorite tip, tip #3, during this shoot to make it even more fun!)

Coming out with new shirt ideas always causes some sort of minor stress for me to try to come up with new locations to shoot in to keep things fresh on my page, but let’s just say that searching for the perfect photo opportunity in this situation was as simple as reaching for my favorite Disney snack. Honestly how could I go anywhere else for the perfect Toy Story pics?

Do you have a favorite photo op place or a favorite snack? Let me know in the comments below! Also I challenge you to get out there and find your favorite photo op place like I have with Pixar Pier <3

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